Nice To Meet You.  I’m Kevin, Your Petty Friend.
In a city of whispers, rumors, and lies, the best way to know what’s being said behind people’s backs is to be the one saying it. Enter Your Petty Friend, a perennial Los Angeles hot take by native Angeleno and all-around trifling bitch Kevin Leon. Born literally across the street from The Ivy and raised on a macrobiotic diet of palm trees, power lunches, and lip-injected pretenders, Leon has petty drama in his blood, and he’s not afraid to embroil you in every last drop of it. From fashion and friendship to finances and drunken fights, Your Petty Friend has all the topical tea you need to round out your shitty fad diet and live a better, pettier life. Because remember: pretty hurts, but petty doesn’t.
Kiss kiss,