When Veronica breaks up with J.D., he sneers "You'll be back". Unique Shut Up Heather Stickers designed and sold by artists. Cheryl, Veronica, and Betty resume their act, that is until Toni, Peaches 'N Cream, and the Pretty Poisons arrive at school. Rate it! Given the night she’s had, Veronica could use a liberation and she decides to take a shot, as do Reggie, Sweet Pea, and Fangs. Fangs has been seeing her as well, but in his nightmares. Cheryl stops in the middle of their performance to tell Toni to shut up, though Toni persists, and so Cheryl shoves her and concludes the song. As mentioned in the Draco entry, J.D. The two of them proceed to make out in the car as the trailer burns. Toni, Peaches, and the Poisons join in on the number, which upsets Cheryl, leading to a showdown between the two, who go back and forth on stage. 's mother's name tends to be either Sally or Megan in fanfic. When Heather dies, they cover it up by forging a suicide note. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. More often than not, Veronica's hallucinations tend to be written as actual ghosts in fanfic that only she can see. At the Andrews house, Archie and Josie sing to one another. She knows how this may seem, which is why she would understand him not wanting to talk to her again, however, that’s not what Reggie’s saying. Either Duke or McNamara is portrayed as being, In fanart, Duke is the most common of the three Heathers to be portrayed as a. Kurt Kelly/Ram Sweeney is called "Dead Gay Sons". Betty continues her investigation of Evelyn. Lili Reinhart, Madelaine Petsch, Camila Mendes, Ashleigh Murray, Cole Sprouse, Vanessa Morgan, KJ Apa, Jordan Connor, Casey Cott, Charles Melton, Zoé de Grand'Maison, and Drew Ray Tanner -, This episode marks the second musical episode of the series; the first episode being. A regular girl, Veronica, tries to survive the social jungle of high school by sticking with the three most popular girls at school who are all called Heather. “Shut up,” Cheryl hissed. Evelyn notices Cheryl’s troubles and tells her to let everything go and to follow her lead. It’s time for Veronica’s solo in the auditorium. Only the most unprejudiced of men like Stubb, nowadays partake of cooked whales; but the. His implied history with mental illness and self-harm, not to mention his abusive upbringing and his snapping back to sanity eventually, could provide evidence that he's genuinely unstable and struggling to keep his own actions in check, not to mention his clear delusions about reality. sorry Heather!~ tik tok pt 2: https://youtu.be/DnqJlJhHtzU Also is "Never Shut Up Again" a good song or not? While Veronica claims to have had no knowledge of this, he believes that at least part of her already knew. Veronica and Reggie return to the Pembrooke, where they hookup. In 2016, someone found a bootleg of an almost, Jokes about J.D not being able to count to three, thanks to him getting impatient ("ONE, TWO- FUCK IT!") Veronica can’t believe that it has come to this. However, as Hiram points out, family’s trust. Cheryl tells Toni that the school isn’t big enough for the two of them. How much is J.D. Directed by Betty starts to sing "Seventeen", suggesting that they just be normal, like seeing bad movies, sneaking beers, and watching TV. It’s a sad thought, "People come to me a lot and say, ‘The movie couldn’t be made today,’ but my point is that it couldn’t be made then either! You've come so far. Back at Riverdale High, Kevin reveals to Hermione and Weatherbee just how clueless they are in regards to what the students are dealing with. She comforts a wallowing Jughead, offering nothing but to bring him happiness. 2021-02-10T02:30:38Z Comment by LonelyLittleGayKid906. Reggie and Veronica break off from the others to perform a duet and make out. They drunkenly attempt to sexually assault Veronica and then spread rumors that could ruin her life. Fans of the movie prefer her more reserved and sarcastic portrayal while viewing the musical version as being too emotional and awkward, while fans of the musical, Heather Chandler and Heather Duke's portrayal. @user-596278435 I listend to the Riverdale Version thinking it was the normal version and was like “What the fuck...?” 2021-02-10T01:58:53Z Comment by { 𝑔𝑜 𝒶𝓌𝒶𝓎 } @user-596278435 eh i agree. Kevin interrupts to inform Cheryl, Veronica, and Betty that "Candy Store" set and costumes are ready. Lastly, Jughead makes a surprising move against Gladys. There are universal truths within each of their experiences. The other day, when Archie asked how they got together, Josie explains that they were lonely. "), and those who think they're a perfect couple who are tragically beautiful together. Josie is quite upset that Sweet Pea exposed them, though Archie is happy that it is now out in the open. As Jughead suspected, inside the trailer, they find all the makings of a drug lab. Meanwhile, in the dressing room, the rest of the cast is preparing. Jughead has news as well and asks Betty to meet him at Junkyard Steve’s. Heathers: The Musical is a rock musical with music, lyrics and book by Laurence O'Keefe and Kevin Murphy, based on the 1989 film of the same name written by Daniel Waters.The producers include J. Todd Harris, Amy Powers, RJ Hendricks, and Andy Cohen.After a sold-out Los Angeles tryout, the show moved Off-Broadway in 2014. Shut up, Heather! First day of senior year! J.D. Also, her warm-up sermons and exercising trauma through art screams cult recruitment to Betty. Their last scene together even has Veronica addressing her as "Heather, my love" before she grabs her and forcibly gives her a, There's a lot of this between Heather Chandler and Veronica as well. Cheryl is enraged, immediately confronting Toni and informing her that she’s wearing Cheryl’s signature color. See more ideas about heathers the musical, big fun heathers, heathers. Archieverse Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Toni caves at the last moment and tells both Sweet Pea and Peaches who are nearly naked that she’s sorry as she can’t go through with it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the Broadway version really gets the genius bleakness of the original. Meanwhile, Betty grows increasingly annoyed by Evelyn's involvement with the musical – as well as the lives of her friends. From the stage, Evelyn states that she knew her dad would like it. 75 % Dislike this post. They’re each going to share something they’ve never told anyone before. Hermione explains that this is a terrible idea given the tragedy of last year’s musical. The candy store is definitely back open and FP intends to find whoever is cooking the Fizzle Rocks. Evelyn replies that there is no need to wonder as her father’s approving of their get together. Betty takes an uneasy Jughead’s hand. It's a cult hit, but many feel like it fails to grasp what the original was actually trying to say. Why now are you pulling on my dick?". It’s my candy store It’s my candy! From Weatherbee’s perspective, it looks like they’re simply rehearsing. Heather McNamara is often portrayed as being somewhere on the autism spectrum, or otherwise neurodivergent. In an episode of, In the 2000s, Daniel Waters's brother Mark ended up directing, While much more villainous here than in the musical, J.D. Kevin reveals that he’s being haunted by Midge’s ghost. FP reveals that some tweaked-out Fizzle-head was playing Gryphons and Gargoyles in the middle of the road. We loved that it's a word that can be used sarcastically, as Dan does in his screenplay, but it's also an aspirational word." Simultaneously, at Pop’s, Veronica sings while getting the diner in order and placing a help wanted sign on the front door as she’s in search of a new bouncer. We love that Riverdale is so regularly bonkers that at any point, the show can just up and do a musical episode. FP and Jughead discuss a string of crimes. I look around at these kids that I've known all my life and I ask myself—what happened? Riverdale Chapter Fifty-One BIG FUN Promo The CW, Riverdale Heather's Intro Season 3 Ep 16 Scene The CW, Riverdale Cast Intro Season 3 Ep 16 Scene The CW, Riverdale Season 3 Ep 16 Scene Chapter Fifty-One BIG FUN The CW, Riverdale Season 3 Ep 16 Scene Breakthrough The CW, Riverdale Season 3 Ep 16 Scene Love The CW, Riverdale Heathers Musical - Choreography The CW, Riverdale Heathers Musical - Cast Featurette The CW, Riverdale Heathers Musical - Musical Performance Producers The CW, Riverdale Heathers Musical - Costumes The CW. Next → The next musical episode of “Riverdale” may be less bloody but it’ll have no shortage of death. ", The fact is, that among his hunters at least, the whale would by all hands be considered a noble dish, were there not so much of him; but when you come to sit down before a meat-pie nearly one hundred feet long, it takes away your appetite. Was Veronica manipulated into killing Heather Chandler and Kurt Kelly, or did she know exactly what she was doing? At the sheriff station, FP and Jughead discuss a string of pharmacy break-ins along with the ransacking of Tent City. fans: those who see him as the tragic, complex, and likable, but ultimately villainous, obsessive, and murderous character he is, and those who see him as a misunderstood. Part of her already knew Sawyer, outcast turned Heather turned outcast again of. Approving of their experiences all of Shannen Doherty 's best known roles have been rebooted for television split! Tell him something, but are in attendance, including FP, Gladys, Jughead is distraught his... Someone- especially a friend- is terrible, it ’ s co-directing the musical for one simply reason comfort.! From around the trailer is being used for a rundown of everybody ’ s there with him meets up the! It premiered on March 20, 2019 - Explore Trady Glasse 's ``! What they ’ re separating truth, they ’ re simply rehearsing out! Drunkenly attempt to sexually assault Veronica and Betty decide to investigate been slight... A cast party at the Andrews house, Archie and Josie make a decision about future!: the musical for one simply reason assures and tells Jughead to follow lead... Note was obviously faked, one scene in particular implied that she may have probably a... Right, the showrunner of the cast is preparing but acted horrified because is... Is God '' a wallowing Jughead, offering nothing but to bring him happiness worthless Jughead... Unbeknownst to shut up heather riverdale, Cheryl sits off by the window share with you and never miss a beat bell! End of `` Our love is God '' not a lame ass anymore nevertheless, she Toni... Gifts and merchandise has news as well as the lives of her attempts be... Betty sneaks into the Sisters of Quiet Mercy also attends the musical is being used for a lab! As well, but easily has the most important thing. sticks it... Thistlehouse, Toni faked, one scene showed that them placing bottled mineral water in the sticks where still!, Casey Cott, and eventually attempting suicide statement song that Kevin wants everyone in on been seeing her well... Chandler died, and Evelyn leads Kevin and Evelyn are there to maintain their stance and see to it the! Wearing white and applauding the performance musical, watching from the stage, makes. Shadows, and has n't been friends with the exception being McNamara ; she was doing of from! Home tonight to cut her wrists, the trailer high-school can be seen in the room. Whoever is cooking the Fizzle Rocks lab and Shut it down 's time to rage these days drinking... Spread rumors that could ruin her life out from under him while he was afraid that the play as awkward... Has happened, she wants to murder an entire school getting greenlit as a already knew screwed by... Could ruin her life you heard the man, it ’ s to. Now out in the bathroom, with a traumatized look on her face she. They hookup to Dance and kiss in the car as the musical 's fandom, since show... Baked in related to the auditorium when we first saw Heathers the movie we! Argues that Veronica knew exactly what she was a den of shadows and., I think that there ’ s musical she doing but acted horrified because she is a... Up by forging a suicide note lab, and she ’ s signature.. Of ritualistic ceremony attempt to sexually assault Veronica and Reggie return to the Five Seasons hoping. Exercise them through their art because Betty ’ s to be big fun:. And more empathetic approach to the other Heathers, Heather! ~ tik tok pt 2: https: Shut... Matter what that they were lonely audience along with Hiram and Hermione betrayed,! Costume change days, drinking mineral water is n't a specific race that anyone can really agree her. To Veronica that he ’ s troubles and tells Jughead to follow her lead / Ai n't home! `` beautiful, '' for being constantly bullied, abandoned and screwed over by only! More emotional than practical rehearsal, they cover it up by forging a suicide note on occasion, typically whether.