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We civilians have a variety of jurisdictions to follow, laws, social responsibilities, etc., but every once in a while we walk outside the beaten path to conjure up some serious outlandish/outrageous fun. LA is no/never-will-be-an exception. The ultimate playground. Following a daily routine is ideal, where everyone here dreams of a somewhat life changing/altering 9-5, but ultimately wants a job where sitting on your feet racks in the billions. I as well, follow a routine, strategically planned out to my needs and current accomplishments. But when the clock strikes midnight on Friday, that regimen flies right out that perfectly decorated window. Bloody bottoms on and the freshest attitude to accompany only the freshest of the fresh companions. Weekends were made to fly out of control. And why bother having any kind of sanity? That’s what Monday-Thursday is for right? Right. Let the nights here reign like an after-Grammy party. A constant runway and a thrill to display those cutthroat dance moves. Unless you’re a celebhead, going out during the week seems unreal, questioning how to possibly function from a nightmare hangover at work/school/life? The weekend comes pawing back every five days, so take the time to enjoy the 48 hours you have to bypass reality. No buyer’s remorse necessary.

Conquer it all,

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