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If there is ever one thing I could pass along to you, it’s to carry yourself like a “somebody” around this town. Somebody meaning celebrity or socialite or weekly TMZ entity. Don’t do, just be. Want the paps chasing you while you drive up into Bel-Air pad in your range rover, then dress and behave the part. They’ll be right outside your garage waiting your next move in no time. Want to break into the nightclub scene that at times makes no sense? Then act like a local celebutant or eligible billion-dollar bachelor and fall right into the arms of the glitterati. No one is checking your bank account,  just like no one is checking the labels inside your Forever 21 clothing. Whether you have only a Benjamin to your name rockin’ a Target tank top while entering Chateau Marmont, nobody’s going to care. The only thing they will recognize is your acceptance into the scene and how long you can maintain your image once you have broken into it. Also, keep in mind that most of the young and fabulous here in LA started out the exact same way you did. Behave accordingly, act like you belong. Never let them see you sweat. Similar to when a shark smells blood, those “in” the scene will rip your head off the second they discover you belong on the other side of the looking glass. Always play the part, at all times. Thank me later when you receive your acceptance letter into the cool kids club. We’ll all be waiting here at the bottom for your fall from grace.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It,

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