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As bitchy as this blog can be, there is much truth behind these little excerpts of the unpredictable lives we here in Los Angeles choose to live. We live inside the biggest glass house known to mankind and throw the largest stones to make sure others don’t ever tread too gently. You see, privacy is a privilege. The less you know, the better I feel. Why you may ask? Because it keeps the glass house growing, it maintains the mystique we liketo hide behind. True Angelinos like to be seen and not heard, it’s always the ones who make the most noise that never seem to last in the spotlight. Giant mansions, personal security guards, chauffeurs, tinted windows. They all play alongside one another. Someone once told me silence is golden. And to be honest, in most cases, this is true. Never become a barking dog in city society. Translation: don’t be one of those embarrassing screaming girls inside a nightclub, or a girl who becomes known for being a complete bitch to everyone. Or the guy that sleeps around with anything to gain a connection she probably doesn’t even have anyway. Never a good look. That look will take you much longer to vanish away then it would to just be nice, even to those girls who love to be vicious, drink-wielding, let’s-all-go-to-bathroom-together type of evil. Everyone has a personal mystique they are trying to maintain and a bark too loud will destroy the glass house and remember, you’re trying to live inside the glass, not be a temporary house guest. Never fight. Never throw drinks. Never let another girl get under your perfectly moisturized/covered-up skin. And never have a bark bigger than your bite.

Beware of the barking dog,

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