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Here in lovely Los Angeles, there’s a fashion sense like no other. Nothing compares to the attitude we hopeful faithfuls have toward the labels we love and cherish. The sun rules supreme in SoCal, translation? We carry a casual, noticed not-be-noticed noticed kind of aesthetic, a style comprised of all things Angelino. Lots of glamor, tons of mystique, with an attitude to match.

Girls: Being a neck-breaking/headturning female here takes effort, actually it takes everything. I’ve said earlier to dress like a somebody, but for the girls, it takes even more than just a red bottom. Competition here is extreme, and the stakes are high. You vs. her vs. them. Who gets noticed first when walking into Delilah? When sipping your mimosa at an exceptional pool party? Or when stopping by Blind Dragon to make a quick appearance before speeding off to your Hills Hideaway? It begins with a venomous vigor, an attitude derived from the diaphragm. The style takes secondary, but is a quintessential part of who you become here. I would suggest you pull inspirations from celebs who portray Los Angeles the best. Keyword here is “inspiration”. Not clone, if one already exists, believe me, there is no room for another. Superiority never came from twins, this will always hold true. Originality is your money maker. That explains why those who have something different, cash in and burst into a stardom in this city. In a city filled to the brim with botox, BMW’s, and bitches, it’s your responsibility to keep your head above water. Your style is a great way to keep you alive here. Remember, we are all about the facade. We like to play high, and fight low.

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